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GYM / Sauna

We introduce you our new GYM service; equipped with new generation fitness machines and covering any of the sportive aspects related to body fitness as tonification, cardio-vascular fit or simply warming up or maintenance exercises.
The GYM is an exellent complement for any sportive guest and a big plus for the rest of our customers. Due to a well designed equippment distribution, it is easy to create sportive circuits adapted to all kinds of users, from simple circuits up to special ones, including the heat body treatments.
Precisely and just for that particular reason, we offer the service of our brand new sauna. A wooden cabin Finland style and the internal wooden equippement, including floors pannels, are ready to confortably fit a maximum of 5 persons. The sauna is adjustable in temperature intensity and light ambience. Initially of dry heat but with the option of creating humetity, the sauna is operated by a special volcano stones heater with 8.kW of power in IP-34 protection.
Optimal conditions to reach without any risk, the temperature marges for the correct body heating treatments.